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About us:

We are a shop for Streetstyle lovers, the most dressed style in the world because it's simple, it doesn't complicate life like other styles, it's freedom, it's the ability to combine different clothes and accessories and create harmony. You can see it on the street, it has no age, gender, religion, colour... it's a human style, it's self-expression, sober and minimalist or colorful and full of accessories. It's art and we sell art.

Most of our products are self-produced and our ideas and creativity also come from our imagination. We try to give our customers and our customers' customers something new at an exceptionally low price for the quality that our products have. We produce only with Italian and Spanish raw materials, because saying "Made in Italy and Spain" is not enough.


If you recommend our products to a shopkeeper you know, we will give you 100 $/€ IN CASH. You just have to let us know and the merchant in question must make his first purchase for a minimum of 400 $/€ - Can you think of anyone? Take action and take home the prize: 

B2B (wholesale):

You can buy in bulk with NO minimum purchase requirements, but allow for the minimum for free shipping. Prices include 21% VAT for Spain. For all others, 21% VAT will NOT be payable at checkout (in the European Union you must have a VIES member to not pay VAT). Register now HERE

Commissioned work

Not to brag, but for 24 years we have been collaborating with many of the most famous international brands. We are able to produce large quantities, but above all, even small quantities, which is much rarer today. We manage the entire production phase: prototypes, samples, production and shipping directly to your dealers. And if you are a beginner and you still need to understand how the world of fashion works, we will accompany you step by step in your new adventure. Contact us:


We are looking for: 

- 2 salesgirls WITHOUT EXPERIENCE for physical store in Alicante ES. Requirements: Sympathy and communicative skills;

- Artists who want to sell their works in our physical and online stores;

- Artisans who have to offer gift items and small objects for the home;

- 1 Webmaster with Prestashop experience for our digital office in Alicante.

- 1 Socialmedia Specialist for Spain (Alicante);

- 1 Stylist with artisan production skills for the creation of costume jewellery.